The Importance of Leadership

In the field of pain management, many components must come together to overcome chronic pain conditions that patients experience. These components include medication, surgical and non-surgical procedures, physical therapy, and education. One lesser-known component in the pain management process is that of leadership. Leadership is required for all of the diverse pieces of the treatment puzzle to address patient needs and to help ensure favorable treatment outcomes.

Since he first began practicing medicine, Dr. Narinder S. Grewal, MD, has embodied the leadership traits and abilities needed to give his patients the very best chance at recovery. Through his careful diagnosis, treatment, and patient advocacy, he has helped thousands of patients overcome debilitating spinal and musculoskeletal injuries. Here is a closer look at how his leadership has been instrumental in changing patients’ lives for the better.

Dr. Grewal’s Leadership Traits

There are several key traits that Dr. Narinder Grewal harnesses in his leadership role as the director of the Advanced Pain Management and Neurology Group in Valencia, California. Primarily, he is a transformational leader, able to identify a specific need and then to work with a team to develop a solution. As a leader, he has assembled a team of medical professionals, including pain management specialists and neurologists. Each member of the team is committed to transforming lives, and Dr. Grewal is instrumental in guiding this team and their care plans to success.

In his patient-oriented clinical practice, Dr. Grewal believes that a personalized approach is the ideal means of assisting patients. By carefully using diagnostic tools and procedures, he can more accurately pinpoint the underlying causes of chronic pain. He leads by example, learning new procedures and techniques as part of annual continuing education programs and conference attendances. Once he has mastered these new procedures, he then shares his findings with his staff at the clinic. In this way, he is not only transforming himself and his team but ultimately his patients who benefit from cutting-edge treatment plans.

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Dr. Grewal also uses inspirational leadership techniques to achieve positive patient outcomes. His ability to provide his team with inspiration is well-known in the pain management field of medicine. He inspires his staff to learn more and to approach patient encounters with compassion and care. Dr. Grewal also inspires his patients. Early on in his medical career, he learned about the concept of patient advocacy and has used that as his guiding light throughout his career. In his role as a patient advocate, he helps patients become active participants in their treatment programs. By providing education and guidance – in effect, putting his patients in charge of their care plans — those patients are far more likely to adhere to the treatment plans, take their medications as directed, and engage in therapeutic efforts to recover more quickly. Dr. Grewal and his staff at Advanced Pain Management have achieved incredible results through this method. Dr. Grewal is an inspiration to his peers in the pain management field as well as to his clinical staff, his patients, and his family.



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